Challenge Types

Service Challenge

Any service whether it is a binary file, or a shell script, which needs to be instantiated on every connection can be easily hosted using service type challenge. Xinetd is for hosting these type of challenges inside a docker container.

Primary Requirements

# Relative path to binary or script which needs to be executed when the specified
# Type for the challenge is service.
# This can be anything which can be exeucted, a python file, a binary etc.
service_path = ""

Web Challenge

Web challenges are hosted using the corresponding images from Dockerhub. Currently only these types are supported:

  • Node
  • Python : Django and Flask
  • Php

Primary Requirements

# Relative directory corresponding to root of the challenge where the root
# of the web application lies.
web_root = ""

Static Challenge

All the challenges which requires the hackers to only have static files comes under static challenges. All the files are mounted on a single container which serves all the static files to the hackers.

Bare Challenge

A challenge which requires high level of customization can be hosted using bare challenge. In these case, a bare base image is provided with access to mentioned sidecars, and exposed ports.

Primary Requirements

# Command to execute inside the container, if a predefined type is being used try to
# use an existing field to let beast automatically calculate what command to run.
run_cmd = ""

# OR

# Provide a script to run on startup of container
# Similar to run_cmd but in this case you have the entire container to yourself
# and everything you are doing is done using root permissions inside the container
# When using this keep in mind you are root inside the container.
entrypoint = ""

Docker Challenge

Authors might have tested the challenges in a isolated docker environment and might not want to port the challenge to one of these types. So they can use docker type challenge in which you can provide your own docker context file and ports.

Primary Requirements

# Docker file name for specific type challenge - `docker`.
# Helps to build flexible images for specific user-custom challenges
docket_context = ""